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‘Space Brothers’ Anime Film Gets Date, New Teaser

The first Space Brothers film has its first trailer today after the original announcement back in December 2013 that one would be coming. Set as an “Episode #0″ work, it’s due on August 9th with A-1 pictures providing the animation for it. The teaser, clocking in at thirty seconds, paints a story of an “unwritten true beginning” of the story, serving as an origin story and chapter zero. The film is being written by the original author of the manga, Chuya Koyama, while it’s being directed by Ayumu Watanabe and retaining the same cast as one would expect. The manga is ongoing, though on a break at the moment as the film was being written by Koyama, and the anime series had its 93rd episode broadcast today. A live action film also landed previous which did pretty well in theaters. The TV series is licensed by Sentai Filmworks but has not been scheduled for release yet.

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