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Silver Spoon Season 2 Episode #05 Anime Review | Fandom Post

Content: (please note that the content portion of a review contains spoilers)
With the equestrian competition over, Hachiken and his classmates now prepare for the Ezonoo school festival. As usual, Hachiken winds up with far too much on his plate. When lecturing classmates about the budget of their Pork Soup Cafe, they all nominate him to be in charge of that event’s spending. He’s also the lead man of the equestrian club’s events, which includes a Ban’ei race (the draft horse pulling race we saw back in season one). While Hachiken does pull in some outside help, like asking his roommate Nishikawa to paint the Ban’ei sleds, and letting Tokiwa take Vice Prez for a walk, but his tasks still pile up, so he loses more and more sleep, becoming more and more exhausted…

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