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Wizard Barristers Ep 5: Slow and Steady Wins The Case.

Well, a decent episode overall and one that involves no mecha's or action sequences but still manages to amuse me. With Wizard Barristers' massive cast, devoting an episode towards one character at a time seems to be what this series is headed for. I honestly can't say if that's a good thing or a bad thing but for now it's kind of working (for me at least). There are still some notable problems I would like to address; one being the situation with Kiri-jii faking his collapse when he was suspected of abusing his magic. Even though is it currently true that most (if not all) courts will suspend a case until further notice in the event that someone (prosecution, defense, witnesses, etc.) suffers some kind of medical problem in the middle of the trial but they would simply reschedule. The idea that the magical courts simply decided they would no longer try to investigate Kiri-jii's abuse of illusion magic just because he fainted in the middle of a trial is kind of absurd.

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