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The Best Anime of 2013, and 1 to Avoid

Richard of writes "If you are an anime fan like I am, then 2013 was a pretty good year for the genre. It had a few surprises in it and even some anime that I figured I wouldn’t like really did a lot to change my mind and ultimately entertain me in the end. Then you had some series that you knew from first glance that they would be entertaining as hell and didn’t disappoint. All in all, it was a fun year for anime and I am super glad that I was able to watch many more anime series this year than the last several years… though I finally did catch up on some much needed anime viewing.

With that in mind, being that I watched so much anime this year, it was kind of hard deciding on a list of top new anime for 2013. It wasn’t extremely difficult as the standout series of the year really did just that, but there were some niche series that snuck in there, and I know I am going to hear crap about at least one of them, which really got to me and almost forced me to like the series."

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