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Kill la Kill - Episode 18 Review

SO! It finally happened – Satsuki declared her independence from her mother, and literally crucified her on her own stage. That must have felt good - Satsuki hates being subservient, and being a pawn of both her mother and clothes? Yeah, that’s gotta sting. So the show’s over, then, I guess? Conflict averted, clothing defeated, Satsuki and Ryuuko now realize they’re not so different after all?

Alright, let’s see what horribleness Kill la Kill is planning.

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Bobduh1526d ago

In this week's Kill la Kill: everything happens.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1526d ago

That beating Satsuki took brutal. This my favorite episode so far tho.

Midgus1526d ago

i absolutely love this series this episode i watched twice was brilliant.