J-Stars Victory Versus - Full Roster Revealed?

A new scan from V-Jump appears to show off the entire roster for the game. If 52 is really the final amount, then this is the final roster. 5 more characters have been added this week, but only several of them are visible in this scan.

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HystericalGamez891d ago

Aw yeah! Can't wait! Happy with the roster for the most part.

AridSpider891d ago

Wow what a crazy roster. Lets see who else is in when the high quality version drops.

Kaitou891d ago

I can't wait to see Killua.

Lord_Sloth891d ago

Who's the dude with the clawed hand and white hair in the upper right? Looks a bit like Allen but the mark isn't there.

admiralvic890d ago

It is Allen, though I haven't a clue what thing you think is missing.

Lord_Sloth890d ago

It just looks like the red mark over his eye is smaller or something to me.

TXIDarkAvenger891d ago

Isn't that the girl from Nisekoi? Didn't expect that. Gotta import this game!

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