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J-Stars Victory Versus - Full Roster Revealed?

A new scan from V-Jump appears to show off the entire roster for the game. If 52 is really the final amount, then this is the final roster. 5 more characters have been added this week, but only several of them are visible in this scan. (Gaming, J-Stars Victory VS)

HystericalGamez  +   594d ago
Aw yeah! Can't wait! Happy with the roster for the most part.
AridSpider  +   594d ago
Wow what a crazy roster. Lets see who else is in when the high quality version drops.
Kaitou  +   594d ago
I can't wait to see Killua.
Lord_Sloth  +   594d ago
Who's the dude with the clawed hand and white hair in the upper right? Looks a bit like Allen but the mark isn't there.
admiralvic  +   593d ago
It is Allen, though I haven't a clue what thing you think is missing.
Lord_Sloth  +   593d ago
It just looks like the red mark over his eye is smaller or something to me.
TXIDarkAvenger  +   594d ago
Isn't that the girl from Nisekoi? Didn't expect that. Gotta import this game!
ion666  +   593d ago
How about some Nicholas D. Wolfwood or vash the stampede,an Knives
admiralvic  +   593d ago
That would be a fantastic idea if any of those characters were from Shonen Jump.

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