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You Should Be Watching: Berserk | Geekenstein

"Originally created as a manga (which is still running) by Kentaro Miura in the late 80’s, Berserk is set in a fictional medieval Europe, and although the manga contains more magical elements, the anime is a bit more grounded. Well, relatively grounded; by the end of the anime some truly otherworld stuff will– well, you’ll understand when you watch it. The story focuses on Guts, a traveling mercenary who’s seemingly not afraid to die, and will take on nearly any task asked of him as long as It involves fighting. His backstory is rife with a troubled childhood, dark, mysterious demons haunting him, and utter dread. I know that sounds as cliché as anime can get, but Miura has amped up Guts’ story to a level likely unlike you’ve ever seen before. I won’t spoil it here, but there may be a few moments during the series that may be hard to watch for some. This is a seinen (young man) manga, so it’s a bit more mature and graphic than most manga or anime you’ve already seen." - Curtis Stone...

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LelouchNaruto1556d ago

If you are 18+ you only need to read manga. Anime version of Berserk is not that good. A lot of plot in missing in anime.

Review is good.

yaz2881553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )

dont watch it at all. wait till the manga finishes after 20 more years.. much better then.

yaz2881553d ago (Edited 1553d ago )