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Live Action Attack on Titan Effects are Horrifying

So, a while back there was a Subaru commercial released featuring some Titans. The first 2 Titans featured in the commercial are clearly CGI but the 3rd Titan at the end looks a bit different, does it not? Turns out, the big skinless Titan at the end is actually a giant puppet controlled by 8 people.

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foie1551d ago

That third titan looks insane, puppeteering at the highest level, clearly.

NovusTerminus1550d ago

The Colossal Titan looked amazing at the ending. Was so pleased with how it turned out.

They did amazing work!

RenKaraLeri1550d ago (Edited 1550d ago )

I don't like live actions because anime and manga are better ( always) and characters never look same

TheBaseFight1550d ago

I like to try and be open to new things based around anime. This isn't an anime, its a commercial and it was a pretty cool one (in my opinion) nonetheless.