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Space Dandy’s Lazy Animation

Or maybe Space Dandy’s lazy storytelling is the more appropriate title. Either way look at the above screenshot, what’s wrong with this picture?

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SynGamer1547d ago

Man, I'm hearing so many mixed reviews for this thing...maybe I'll just stick with the classic Cowboy Bebop and call it a day?

Killa781546d ago

I think alot of people expected this to he something it's not ie a serious anime with a story like Cowboy.

Instead you get a light hearted comedy anime with no real story.

And there's nothing wrong with that because it does it well.

It has awesome production value as well. Very pretty anime.

Trigger_War1542d ago

This is a fucking shit article but not because of the content.

This is a shit article because the title is click bait and not what the actual article is about. Downvote website forever.