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How Evangelion Converted Me to Atheism

Lazarinth explains how Evangelion helped turn him into an atheist.

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Aleithian1516d ago

Wow, that's pretty cool. Not at all surprising though - NGE had a massive impact on me from my mid-teens, though not in the same way. I guess what it showed me was the possibility of a story, the way in which theme, plot, and characters could be integrated to present a vision. It had various other impacts as well, such as introducing me to anime (yes, it was my first), presenting the fragility of youth, contrasting lived vs. ideal high school experience, opening the door to introspection and self-reflection (I LOVED the original ending, and it really made me question myself), and others.

To my mind it is still one of the finest artistic creations ever (and I say that with some philosophical and aesthetic experience).