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“Mekaku City Actors” Now Twice As Annoying

Mekaku City Actors’ latest character PV is by far the worst – setting aside the continued fact these clips are only several seconds of still key visuals, this one centers on an annoying bishounen character.

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KingArthur13th1568d ago

The rest of my club can't wait for this series but I'm becoming less and less enthusiastic with each ad. I still don't understand what the appeal is (other than Hatsune Miku).

Milenart1565d ago

Sorry, but Hatsune Miku don't have much to do with Mekakucity Actors(her only connection with it is that she was used to sing some of the songs, most of them were done using IA to sing). If Vocaloid has some connection with Mekakucity Actors it would be IA.
Those ad are just to reveal the character design and the seiyuu for each character since they will differ from the novels and the manga's character design, it's meant to be like a count down to the fans of the series, there was a announcement Jin made himself regarding it before the CM's started to being released. Do you remember before Madoka was aired that there were almost any teaser? The only one I remember is one that only showed a pink silhouette. Don't judge a series for their teaser.
Sorry for my bad english and the long commentary.
(and Kano is not a annoying bishounen =( you just saw 15 seg of him, don't judge =( sorry again)