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Top Ten Anime Worth Watching

Luis of Luis' Illustrated Blog writes: "I’ve watched a lot of anime over the years. Some of it just doesn’t quite fit my categories of these top ten lists, so I’m just going to point them out to you as far as the stuff that I really, really like, and I recommend.

You may disagree with me violently, especially with the first one, number ten, but hear me out."

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RockmanII71510d ago

Only one show from the last decade, and just barely. There have been great animes since the 90's that are worth watching like Steins;Gate, Bakemonogatari, and Fate/Zero just to name a few.

cleft51510d ago

Unbelievable, no Gurren Lagann on this list. This list is just a bunch of overrated anime. Completely worthless to me. Also Fate/Zero was truly amazing and Code Geass, while it was popular, is an absolute must watch too.

vanethe1510d ago

totally agree , this list is 7/10 at best .
anyways this is subjective.

webeblazing1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

i tend to like old animes better. i like the plot of new animes but their chars are so annoying. in most animes it seem like the love to have weak, annoying, worthless chars. and you will rarely find a girl that act like a girls, instead of a bully that cant control hitting people and eating every sec or control therir emotions so the cant even speak. i love the story and concept of jap anime its a breath of fresh air compared to tv and movies over here, but i dont understand whats the deal with the chars these days. the 90s chars was believe or just likable or both.

Shadonic1509d ago

check out hunter x hunter 2011 version the only girl thats even close to that is their teacher and thats just her acting.

Trunkz Jr1509d ago

Yeah Hunter X Hunter (2011) is such a great series that doesn't need to be pervy to lure ppl in, it's plot alone is just that good.

webeblazing1509d ago (Edited 1509d ago )

Yea I love hunter x hunter, one piece, beelz bub I know I spelled it wrong, log horizon, and a lot of anime with strong character s. I'm not saying they should be perfect its just why do the have to be pathetic . Just saying it tends to be the trend while strong sense able chars in a anime seems to get cancelled. The reason I love one piece and hxh is the lore and that every chars is different like a world should be

The teacher from hxh is cool. She has her ways especially wanting to be young forever. But she smart experience d and know how to control herself. Just like normal people are. We all have our ways.

foie1510d ago (Edited 1510d ago )

What disturbs me more than the content of the actual list is in reference to Neon Genesis Evangelion:

"So the thing that makes this unique is when the character actually goes into the robot, they feel what the robot feels."
"That’s the extra step that this show took that made it go a little bit further."

THAT is what the author sees as separating Evangelion from other anime? Not the psychologically-heavy and symbolically-fluent approach to creating the show?

Edit: I do agree that the 'Pilot feels what mecha feels' deal is a unique idea, but I don't think that's the show's defining aspect.

CLOUD19831509d ago

Typical American must-watch list for anime I have see a bunch of them on the net countless times already needless to say the list sucks really bad & this coming from some1 who have watch more than 600 anime of all kind & genre the past 23-24 years.

ZetsubouJ1509d ago

Well, not the worst top anime list I've ever seen...

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