Noragami 09: It’s [Not] Too Late to Apologize

Written by Kako of the Sekijitsu writing team:

That punk! Am I right? But then again, all the feels! No question about it, this has been my favorite episode thus far. It hit all the right notes, satisfied all the right itches, hit the right highs. It did it all! If the series ended with this episode, I think I’d be alright. Whether it gets a season 2 or not, I’d be satisfied, but like with every anime, pacing toward the end gets a bit wonky, and I suspect the staff got stuck between a rock and hard place and couldn’t make this last arc last 12 complete episodes. It’s a shame that we’re headed into filler ending territory for the home stretch, but I won’t forget this phenomenal episode you’ve left us with my dear Noragami.

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