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Series That Proves Anime Is Not for Kids Only

Anime, while an entertainment medium that is now widely enjoyed regardless of age, a lot of people that feels Anime is just for kids still exists. And while like in any other medium, there are indeed a lot of shows aimed at kids, the series we most love and discuss are probably aimed at a more mature audience.

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foie1564d ago

The list in general doesn't surprise me, but I find seeing Shingeki no Kyojin at 2nd interesting. I'm wondering if it's wrong to assume it places so highly mostly because it's new, and hence is fresh in the mind and also visually appealing.

foie1564d ago

The fact that Monster isn't on the list speaks more to the demographic who voted, rather than the show itself.

danthebios1562d ago (Edited 1562d ago )

Dude,im 35 and still loving anime. There are lots of other anime which is not for kids such as tokyo tribe 2,i lost interest after watching a guy butt #### by a big guy...of course you dont see it but just a shadow.....