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Annotated Anime: Recently, My Sister Is Unusual Episode 9

Japanator: "Just when the plot was going somewhere a couple weeks ago, we're left with episodes like this one, last week's, and the week before, where the relationships are made up and the little sisters don't matter. I'm confused as to why all of a sudden we're being relegated to what is essentially filler when we're so close to a "conclusion" -- unless there's going to be a second season for some reason. There are a projected 12 episodes and there's so much mucking about with Mitsuki going to the aquarium, screwing around with after school clubs, and now wasting time falling asleep under a kotatsu and getting into a cooking battle. I want to say there was some weird creepy fetishy stuff happening in this episode, but the truth is, like last week, it was boring. I struggled to stay awake."

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