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Final Fantasy Type-0 Fan Translation Finally Gets Release Date

Twinfinite writes:

After a long wait, Skyblade Cloud has finally announced a release date for its much-anticipated fan translation of Final Fantasy Type-0. It's coming.

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DivineHand1251503d ago

That release date is beyond ridiculous. I'm sure that by then, a good portion of the people who are waiting to play this game in english would have lost interest and moved on to something else because allot can happen in the gaming industry from now and then. Also this is giving square more than enough time to do something stupid and rain on our parade.

trickman8881503d ago (Edited 1503d ago )

You're either trolling, or you are a very dumb individual. People have been waiting years for this game to have an english release, as well as the eventual full patching of this game.5 more month's for a game thats generally praised isn't going to "hurt". It's called patience, learn to actually have some instead of making stupid statements.

Seriously, were you high when you made that statement, when you actually thought that "a good portion of people waiting to play this game in english" would have lost interest?

Also, um plenty of games have been patched without the developers/publishers butting in. For gods sake, KH2 remix has a god damn english patch, thats perfectly legal and acceptable for use.

ExCest1502d ago

You could've been nicer saying that. You could've just corrected him instead of verbally attacking him.

ExCest1502d ago (Edited 1502d ago )

The years that have gone by for this.