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Official English Dub Clip of Attack on Titan Revealed

JM: There’s been an immense amount of attention surrounding the English dub of Attack on Titan. Some are skeptical, while others are excited to hear their favorite characters speak in their language. Funimation has released a small minute and a half clip of the official Attack on Titan English dub. Check it out

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Aleithian1497d ago

Mother of god...

I need to watch this again.

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wannabe gamer1497d ago

ive never seen this show but ive heard alot and been waiting for a dub to appear so i can check it out

Trunkz Jr1497d ago

Still waiting for Hunter X Hunter Dub, not because I like the dub, but because I want to buy the Boxsets for the subs. Titan dub just like many others show why sub is the way to go.