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Light-Novels are Poorly Written and Adapting Them Shows That

Ever heard the term, "That's so Light Novel!" bandied about? Well, Guy had, and as an anime lover and bibliophile (seriously, he has over a thousand books in his room alone), he discusses some stylistic choices evident in the writings of Light Novels, how they handle characterization, and how it all works out when they're adapted to films.

Spoiler - Often, not terribly well.

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Thunder_God1558d ago

It's not /all/ doom and gloom, some LNs are /better/ because the adaptation removes a lot of the dross, such as the horribly florid writing-style.

And yes, it doesn't apply to /all/ LNs, it's a genre, so blanket statements are sure to miss some stuff.

gaffyh1557d ago

As long as they're not Slice of Life or Romance, then they might actually be half-decent.

1558d ago