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Naruto 670: Madara vs Gai Continues, Naturo Finally Awakened WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD "Naruto 670 is just around the corner and we are very excited to see the next chapter. The last chapter was fantastic! Gai beating Madara with his Hachimon Tonkou no Jin, Madara was clearly challenged. But it seems that Madara is just warming up, and instead of getting scared, Madara is now pumped up to fight. Unfortunately, Gai seems to have passed half of the time he can use Hachimon Tonkou no Jin, and it has already taken a toll in his life. But Naruto has finally awakened! Can Naruto arrive in time to save Gai? Let’s find out in Naruto chapter 670."

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alexg5871552d ago

Theres no saving gai he already a dead man cause he opened the gate in the first place. He decided to be the red leaf that withers and dies to give way for the young green leaves lol..but its going to be an interesting fight indeed,madara is pumped now that he has a challenge