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5 Anime Series With Plots So Bizarre It Will Make You Wonder WTF Is Going On In Japan

Anime can cover a wide range of genres, topics, and shots of panties, often in the same series…or scene. The result is highly original, sometimes confusing, but always entertaining. That said, the result can also be the animated equivalent of acid ingesting mescaline, even when the characters’ eyes aren’t bulging or mouths screaming during normal conversation. The following are just a few of the series whose very plots ask you to “Just go with it” even as you scream, “What the f*%# is going on?!?”

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ExCest1486d ago

Suddenly I just added two shows to my watch list.

tayz1486d ago

i heard some of these are good

ExCest1486d ago

FLCL is definitely good and Horizon was entertaining. Good? I have no idea but it was really fun to watch.

koga881486d ago

The only one of these I haven't seen before was Speed Grapher. Most of them seem like they were just things that the writer only gleaned from looking at a few odd premises. Horizon, Hetalia and FLCL are great, Akikan was just strange and had bad production values.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1486d ago

Speed Grapher was on Netflix for awhile it was interesting

MEsoJD1486d ago

I've actually always wanted to check out Speed Grapher.