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Gin no Saji S2 10-11: Meeting the Family

Written by MINDTAP of the Sekijitsu writing team:

Going into the final two episodes for the second season of Gin no Saji, and there has been a good amount of serious and seriously funny moments in the season that stick clearly in my mind. After the cliffhanger that was episode 9, it is always a pretty jarring experience to be greeted with a far more peaceful moment of Hachiken and Mikage being dropped back off at school. Although there was an actual reveal of what happened between the Mikage family and Hachiken, it was an interesting approach, timeline wise, consider the context clues that left the viewer predicting what happened — I actually thought the event might of been much worse, but that was stomped pretty swiftly; and we never got the real answer until the end of the episode, which is more interesting than just continuing it in a linear fashion.

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