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Why is SAO Popular?

An analytical look at the baffling popularity of Sword Art Online.

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Thunder_God1479d ago

Time-skips aren't "pacing". Pacing is about the show's pacing, as a show, as a piece of medium.

It's not really an issue of pacing, that there are time-skips, but time-skips could /lead/ to pacing issues.

SaffronCurse1479d ago

Same here, I stopped after ep 15.

blitzburns41479d ago (Edited 1479d ago )

Oh god, I hope I'm not killed for saying this.

I'm not saying SAO was high-quality, but I will say I thought it was successful in it's goals.

Think about it.

At it's base SAO's plot literally SCREAMs high school melodrama. In fact, when we analyze what the actual plot elements were, this show seems to borrow many popular elements other shows that were, in fact, melodramas. In that sense, the fact it was successful is something I don't necessarily find to be a bad thing. For what it's worth, SAO is certainly a move away from the conventional melodrama we are used to seeing by this point. I don't like SAO myself, but I do think competition is a good thing for the market. To me, SAO is a good move for anime BACK into the right direction. That is, adventure based romances that will only get deeper as audiences continue to (hopefully) mature. Hopefully (This is what I'm hoping for) the end result is a new wave of -fantasy- classics similar to the wave of Sci-Fi classics we got ten years ago. (Which, by the way, I'd argue back then those shows were the culmination of a generation of anime-viewers maturing with their shows as well. It wasn't quite as bad, but there were definitely some growing pains back then.)

Back on point, though. We're seeing high school dramas start to incorporate action/adventure elements. Anime, it seems, after its crash in 08 has to mature all over again with a -new- wave of viewers. That kind of sucks us mature viewers, but if we look at the progression of shows I'd say anime is starting to improve and move back to it's roots...slowly...I'd say the reason why all the new wave of shows the last couple years seems worse than older equivalents (Kill La Kill being worse than Gurren Lagann, Guilty Crown worse than Geass, Jormungand worse than Black Lagoon, Psycho Pass worse than GotS, Attack on Titan a worse Claymore/Beserk, ect.) is precisely because they ARE worse versions. However, I don't think it's unfair to say that Anime at least attempting to emulate past successes is not necessarily a bad thing. Please, feel free to express one's reasoning if they beg to differ- but that's just my opinion.

Call me optimistic, but I feel (-eventually-) sooner or later one of these new shows is going to be the breakthrough us western vets are all waiting for. We KNOW it's going to happen, we feel it. We thought certain shows here could have been it; like AoT or Guilty Crown- but even though those shows didn't fulfill the prophecy I do think, one day, it's going to happen...and make all the waiting worth it. In the meantime, I don't pour my soul out for these shows but I do still find most of them enjoyable. Even SAO, in hindsight I don't think it was that great of a show and I was sorely disappointed by the missed opportunity they had going here- but I still remember that most new ventures, in real life, do in fact fail. So I try to find positive aspects about it and appreciate SAO for its own merits.

Also, for those anime fans disappointed in the industry, I implore you to take another look back home in the meantime. Say what you will, but I thought the Clone Wars and The Legend of Korra were great shows.

cemelc1479d ago

I didnt like this anime i really tried to but couldnt get to it, log horizon to me was better.

Now with the second season starting im really debating if i should finish the first one or just dont start the second season.

Enate1479d ago

See once log got into the whole talk to the people of the land bs. Man it got so caught up in politics I could barely watch it.

cemelc1479d ago

I think log was more like spice and the wolf than action or adventure.

Is not for everyone i know that, but it was more mature than SAO, and tried to build a functioning world instead of going: this is a game were are trapped here.

At the end of log you understand where they really are and that they are not in a game anymore.

The setting for that anime is really well developed. Characters are treated surprisingly well and seems to be going somewhere.

TXIDarkAvenger1479d ago

I personally didn't like the 2nd part.

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