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The Irregular at Magic High School Episode 1 - Inferiority Complex and Adaptation Thoughts

A small editorial on why "Blooms" might look down upon "weeds", using some social psychology experiments, and noting upon the concept of "memento mori".

The piece's second half notes some differences from the source material, and discusses upsides and downsides.

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Thunder_God1534d ago

They really are upping the comedy in this show compared to the LNs, and also the "brocon" little-sister.

Considering one of my main issues with the books had been how they are "telling" rather than "showing", it only makes sense for them to actually emphasize things, now we don't have an endless monologue-track from Tatsuya to explain to us nuances no mere mortal could ever notice.

It's actually working out fine! Even if it's too much "Oni-chan, I want the D!" :3 (Though others like it quite a bit ;-))