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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders Episode 2 Impressions [Capsule Computers]

Frank Inglese Writes:

“Who Will Be The Judge?!” made up for what last weeks episode lacked; a theme song. Now that we’ve been gifted the auditoral excellence that is “Stand Proud” by Jin Hashimoto, talks of how good the “Stardust Crusaders” theme song better be can be put safely down to rest. While not as good as the first two theme songs for the series, “Stand Proud” does have a nice feel that I believe properly represents the series; it’s not as bubbly and hard-hitting as the first two opening tracks but it’s here to stay so start getting used to it. Episode 2 introduces us to another character for the series, one that was shown to be somewhat of a friend to the crew in the opening which somewhat ruined the surprise but the series has been around for so long I’m sure audiences have done their fair share of research.

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mrwawa1532d ago

this episode was pretty awesome

F-Inglese-941532d ago

This series is really starting to heat up. I'm so pumped for the coming episodes!