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Five Must-See Anime Series Currently Streaming on Netflix

Nick Verboon of Unreality writes: "With Netflix creeping closer to replacing cable television and physical media altogether and me bursting with anime love, I feel like now’s the time to continue spreading the love."

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JustSaiyan1529d ago

Great to see Netflix taking an interest in anime. I believe they have the rights to Knights of Sidonia too.

ZetsubouJ1529d ago

This list would be pretty damn good if it just replaced SAO, with Madoka Magica, or Black Butler, or Initial D, or Ouran, just anything that isn't Sword Art Online...

Also, sometimes I feel like the only person on the internet that likes the original FMA over Brotherhood.

gunnerforlife1529d ago

LOL so different compared to the UK Version of netflix, uk version is like a bloody desert!