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CtrlGeekGirl Anime Review: Buddy Complex (2014)

It was the end of 2013. Valvrave the Liberator Season 2 barely thew down the gauntlet at the end of its series, and Buddy Complex somehow managed to zoom its way to the forefront of the new anime season, shouldering the label as Valvrave‘s potential successor. With its amateur-looking badass male leads and a set of powerful mechas, the Sunrise production received a lot of hype at its premiere launch. But is it possible for another mecha series to emerge supreme over previous dominant series such as Valvrave, Gundam, and Code Geass? CtrlGeekGirl finds out...!

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F-Inglese-941522d ago

Never saw this series but I may check it out after reading this review :) fantastic!

futurefrog1520d ago

Great review, regained my interest in this series!

BenqMagician1520d ago

I watched it and enjoyed it great mecha anime.