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Dragon Ball Z Season One Blu-ray Review [Capsule Computers]

Our review of the new Blu-ray release of Dragon Ball Z Season One.

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F-Inglese-941519d ago

Great review! I can't get enough of DBZ!

koga881519d ago

That cropping doesn't make it worthwhile honestly and the loss of some detail to try and smooth things out and look "HD" isn't worth the price either. I'd rather stick to the DVDs they've released already.

johny51519d ago

The original Blu-ray had so much more detail it looked better then most old Disney films.

So what if it was 4:3? If people wanted widescreen they could have cropped it themselves through there TV or Blu-ray player! Now we lose over 20% picture information with an over saturated DNR mess thrown on top!

The first was reference quality even for film!