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Mahouka Koukou / Irregular at Magic High School: An Ode to Meritocracy!

Episode 4 of Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei had been aired, and with it the moment Guy had been waiting for. The Great Ode to Objectivity and Meritocracy.

Guy expands on why he finds the show's messages problematic, and why these very problematic messages are why it appeals to many of its fans (as a light novel series).

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Thunder_God1516d ago

You could certainly say it bugs me, when I find a show's subtext so problematic. It's even more surprising here, because it's not subtext, they actually /flat out say it/.

And yet, many people don't see an issue. Often because they think this sort of thing is normal, and how it should be, and I worry a part of it is due to LNs such as this one.

tsukiyonohikari1516d ago

Is your comment longer than your post? :-P

Thunder_God1516d ago (Edited 1516d ago )

To Mentar? Yes. It's 3,300 words. The post itself is about 2,500. If you mean here, well, that's an introduction, this is my opinion :>