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Deadlight's personal top 30 anime list

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tsukiyonohikari1431d ago

*insert "how dare your list not have BLAH" here*

s45gr321431d ago

Where is Sword Art Online LoL

Tony-Red-Grave1431d ago

SAO kinda... no really blew after a few really good episodes. Needless to say that's my opinion.

Bobduh1431d ago


Nah, great list. The only one that I haven't heard as much about is Red Garden, but that seems interesting.

Deadlightanime1431d ago

Ermahgerd, ur rite. also needs moar bleach

Knowing that you're into character-driven pieces like I am, I think Red Garden would be right up your alley! :D

ZetsubouJ1431d ago

Huh, that was a... weird list, but it has Kodocha and Kare Kano, so I like it.

Thunder_God1431d ago

Quite a few films, and quite a few things I don't know. It does seem you like thrillers quite a bit, or adventure.

I have to ask though, where's Grave of the Fireflies? :P

Deadlightanime1431d ago

Saw Fireflies wayyy too long ago. Need to give it a re-watch before I can assuredly put that on my list

s45gr321431d ago

Interesting anime list from a bunch of anime I have not heard of except for Steins Gate, Cowboy Bebop. Which are some of my favorite anime. Welcome to NHK and Shiki will check it out

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