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Battle of Gods Coming to America

It has finally been announced! The new DBZ movie comes to the United States and Canada this August.

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HollowedSoul141484d ago (Edited 1484d ago )

so does this mean the english dubbed version will come out on blu ray at some point as well ?

Cronoa7x1484d ago

I would imagine so as movies tend to release in theaters first then on home video.

HollowedSoul141483d ago

well what put me off is because it says limited theatrical event and it only shows for 4 days. so my guess is they cant expect everyone that wants to see it to be available during those times, also i bet alot of theaters wont get it . so given those above mentioned circumstances will this come to blu ray sooner than the normal time frame.

Cronoa7x1484d ago

Plus FUNimation wouldnt waste all the time dubbing this if they only planned a selected release in theaters.

thehitman1484d ago

thought this movie was meh....

ZetsubouJ1482d ago

Agreed, I think the only reason it's loved so much by the fandom is because it has the seal of approval from the all mighty Toriyama...