KimChee X's Manga/Manwha Monday Rant: Magician [KKEnt]

KimcChee Wrote: This story is pretty interesting and simple to say the least. And it is split up into two “seasons”. Which means like in Naruto we return to the story a few years later in the second season. Story revolves around an immortal magician (Edermask) and two kids (Iremi and Enzu.) The plot is kind of weird since we don’t really know what Edermasks purpose is until later on in the first season. Enzus’ purpose in following Edermask is to get revenge for his “fathers” death, and Iremi just tags a long in hopes of becoming a stronger magician. In my opinion, Iremis’ reason for leaving is a bit selfish, but we will find out what her real purpose is. So ultimately revenge is the plot of the male characters (Edermask and Enzu.)

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