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The Top Anime of 2005

Mr. Flaw describes his favorite anime from the "not all that" year of 2005.

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Flawfinder1446d ago

Welp, got to making a top ten list for the year, 2005. Hopefully the Eureka Seven fans don't hate me for this.

johny51445d ago

I pick Guyver: The Bio Boosted armor and Final Fantasy Advent Children.

Flawfinder1445d ago

Haven't seen Guyver. Overlooked that it came out in 2005. Kind of interested in checking it out, but I'm pretty picky when it comes to mecha stuff these days. After seeing so many of them, I just don't care for the genre as a whole anymore.

johny51445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Guyver was my very first Anime I fell in love with "even though it was the movie version" to me it was like a violent power rangers, Dragonball Z was my second Amime "I think", saw it in 1996 on WB

Now Guyver "2005" diverse from the 1989 OVA's, the plot is closer to the Manga and it's longer with more back story! Some of the character's are very cool and could even give some of the X-Men a run for there money, I mean there's a guy who could create a black hole from thin air for crying out loud, and another guy who survived it!

I'm just very upset they didn't make a season 2! :(

pompombrum1445d ago

Great list, glad to see Paradise Kiss and Speed Grapher on that list, you rarely see anyone mention either these days.

kingPoS1445d ago (Edited 1445d ago )

Hell Girl and Basilisk were pretty good for anime with non technicolor hair colors.
Good ol M & M's.

So many Skittles thrown out in today's anime.
Taste the rainbow or don't watch it. lol