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Aria The Animation DVD Review | Anime Reviews

Aqua, a planet only recently made habitable by terraforming and advanced science. Overflowing with water and sprinkled with island-cities, Aqua encourages a slower, relaxed pace of living. Our story follows Mizunashi Akari – a young woman training to become an undine (the female version of a gondolier). The lively canal-filled Italian-inspired city of Neo-Venezia is both Akari’s playground and training course. She belongs to a small tourism company called Aria Company, and manages the company alongside her teacher Alicia and their cat President Aria. Joining Akari are Aika and Alice, both of which work for different tourism companies but train together on a daily basis. They work on perfecting their undine skills, which consist of majestically stirring the gondola, entertaining customers with Neo-Venezian trivia and occasionally singing. Their dream is to become a Prima (highly professional and coveted undine) and reach the high bar set by their teachers.

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