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Is the Order a Rabbit? Episode #09 Anime Review | Fandom Post

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Wait, where are the cute girls doing silly things? We open with a look into the past, with Chino’s grandfather (so we can assume) in human form sitting in the park with his pet rabbit. He muses about life being easier if he were a rabbit. He’s joined by a little girl who finds the rabbit cute and…sniffs the rabbit. Sniffing the rabbit. Sounds like a euphemism for something else. Where was I again? Oh, yeah, there must be some connection to what we know of the present and that occurs when the little girl asks the old man if becoming a rabbit would be his order (she asks it close to the exact title of the show) and then “casts a spell” on him, so that he can get his wish one day. Another connection to the present is when the little girl’s older sister calls for her…by the name of Cocoa. We end with the old man telling Tippy (which is the rabbit’s name) that it’s time to go home, otherwise Chino will get lonely.

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