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No Game No Life Episodes 1-8 Review | GeekyPoodoo

No Game No Life Episodes 1-8 are currently available on Crunchyroll. An anime that focuses on ‘Sora’ and ‘Shiro’ who are brother and sister. Both highly intelligent and socially inept, they find themselves being dropped in another world by a god called ‘Tet’, having beaten him at a game of chess. An interesting anime with some dodgy content, read more on that in this review.

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JustSaiyan1473d ago

Tons of rubbish anime atm, this season hasn't really brought much to the table :/

TXIDarkAvenger1472d ago

I really enjoy this anime. You know they will always win but just stick around to see how they do it.

spartan112g1462d ago

This review is pretty rubbish. Based purely on a couple of things about the show that the reviewer didn't like as opposed to the actual whole of the show... On that case, the reviewer hardly even talks about the show itself and instead focuses on parts that have nothing to do with the actual plot.