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Hunter X Hunter Episode #133 Anime Review | Fandom Post

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With Meruem having gone back to his old self after being in a daze for a bit, a daze that really put some of the upper command Chimera Ants into a true panic, there’s a sense that everything is about to fall apart in a big way. He’s set the tone for danger well with a whole lot of bad stuff about to happen and we’ve seen him set into motion things with Pouf and others to do what’s needed, including having Pouf scatter his scales across the population outside of the capital itself to make sure that everything goes the way they want it to go. For Pouf, he’s definitely feeling the strain of all of it and even with Meruem back on track, he’s starting to get nervous about the potential for danger that Gon represents based on what he’s seen so far and what Pitou may be up to.

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