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3 Reasons People Still Tell Publishers They’re Reading Licensed Manga Illegally

There has always been a mystifying aspect when it comes to manga that isn’t usually routine in other industries: people sharing with publishers that they read manga online. The problem? A lot of the titles they’re telling them about aren’t online legally. And despite it being 2014 and information out there at our disposal, they still maintain sharing it with the publishers.

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dieger1468d ago

My main reason is i can't find english translated manga legally :/

SynGamer1468d ago

Truth be told, there are simply far too many excellent manga's out there that haven't been licensed and translated to English.

And if I'm being honest, I actually tend to buy at least the first volume or two of a series when it does finally get licensed.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1468d ago

The series I rlly like I do buy if they are also Licensed If they're not then online it is.

Embolado1468d ago

Anyone try the crunchyroll manga subscription? It seems like a step in the right direction to support the medium that we enjoy.

Marow1467d ago

I only read the latest chapters as I'm only an anime subscriber, but it's working quite well as a reader. There are things I'd change (I want to make that bottom bar invisible!), but nothing major.

If they want to hit big, however, they need even more manga and a better subscrition method for those who don't want to subscribe to anime or drama.