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Review: Wake Up, Girls!: Seven Idols | Project Otaku

Mrs Blunder writes:

I’ll admit: I haven’t been into the idol genre of anime for very long. More often than not, I find little interest in moe anime – I prefer psychological, thriller, and horror series. I’ve also never had a real interest in idols. That said, Love Live! School Idol Project has dragged me into an entirely new corner of the anime fandom and as a result, I’ve become more open to watching different idol series (no, I haven’t touched AKB0048 yet, nor have I finished K-On!). Because of that, I went into the 52 minute prequel movie to Wake Up, Girls! with the expectation of moe girls striving to become idols for whatever reasons they saw fit. What I soon learned was that Wake Up, Girls!: Seven Idols is anything but moe and sweet.

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