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A Royal Affliction - Examining Hunter x Hunter's 'Chimera Ant King' [SnapThirty]

Luke Halliday writes:

"Now that the dust has settled on the animated version of what will go down as one of the greatest stories told in anime, Hunter x Hunter’s the Chimera Ant arc, I feel now is an appropriate time to examine the journey of the star of the arc, the Chimera Ant King himself Meruem. Of course be warned that what follows is heavy in spoilers on the Chimera Ant Arc.

While the King initially appears to be an explicitly evil creature and is even referred to as such by other characters, slowly but surely he changes into something more, something unlike anything the shonen genre has ever seen. His development is one of the most interesting and captivating in anime and his journey is simply unforgettable."

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F-Inglese-941397d ago

This is a fantastic read!

KBug931397d ago

Nice to see some solid character development, especially in a shonen series.

futurefrog1397d ago

The Chimera Ant King was hardly an antagonist at all in the end, he was more a protagonsit then anything!

F-Inglese-941397d ago

It's taken me a while to fully grasp this character (the article helped) but now I feel as though I can truly appreciate him. Togashi-sensei is mangaka royalty for a reason.