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Afro Samurai Sequel in Development to Hit Next-Gen

GamerFitnation: Indie Publisher, Versus Evil announced that Afro Samurai sequel is in development and will land on PlayStation 4 and XBOX One.

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Redinfamy1428d ago

Can't wait to see how this looks on PS4 and XBOX One. I just hope the gameplay and story is on point.

blue_cheese1427d ago

HELL YES. never thought it was going to happen but im glad it is. so far my 8th gen anime fix will be the new DBZ game and an Afro Samuri game, im stoked :)

Redinfamy1427d ago

Same here will keep you updated on Afro Samurai video game sequel

Gotcha51427d ago

Own both TV Series 1-2 but the 1st game was lacking hope the Next Gen Afro can be much better game... voiced by Sam Jackson and music by RZA.

Redinfamy1427d ago

I wonder if they will expand the story a bit since it mentioned an original storyline.

The_Blue1427d ago

Nice, I love the characters and the story line. Everyone wants to be 2, to fight the 1.