There’s Something Special In Store For The 15th Anniversary Of ‘Digimon’

Frank Inglese of SnapThirty writes:

Can you believe it has almost been fifteen years!? You never really think about how long a franchise has been around until an anniversary celebration like this is announced. I remember my younger days, waking up early before I had to get ready for school, sitting down in front of the television and waiting for my favorite show to start; ‘Digimon Adventure’. From there my love for the series only grew...

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KBug931457d ago (Edited 1457d ago )

It may be 15 years later, but I still just as excited to get a Digivice. Some things never change :)

hkgamer1456d ago

I've had so many digimon tamagotchis(?) when I was young. Even had fake?/modded?/china made ones which actually had a lot more mini games.

Loved the idea of connecting 2 devices together to battle.

Maybe they should just release a ios/android version of the digivice instead.

F-Inglese-941456d ago

You can get unofficial ones but they're nowhere near as good as the real ones.

TXIDarkAvenger1456d ago

Wow, its really been 15 years eh?

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