Naruto SUN Storm Revolution Gets Two More Promotional Videos

Kane Bugeja of SnapThirty writes:

Slated for a September release, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution is not too far away. Though it certainly is a mouthful to say. Heading to PS3 and Xbox 360, the title will feature over 100 of your favourite ninjas for you to pit against each other in mortal combat. “Realistically” speaking it might not exactly be fair to throw Madara Uchiha and Konohamaru into the ring together, but the game isn’t going to stop you. Enjoy yourself.

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F-Inglese-94995d ago

Madara vs Konohamaru would be a mad fight! It'd be a quick fight but still awesome...

KBug93995d ago

It honestly wouldn't be fair to Madara.

Snapodile995d ago

I wish I had kept my PS3...