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Akame Ga Kill First Impressions [SnapThirty]

Luke Halliday writes:

"Wowee. Now that is what I call ‘bloody’ brilliant!

After just watching Akame Ga Kill’s first episode over on Crunchyroll, I was left in awe by just how much it blew me away. While I knew the series was based upon a popular manga and had a big following, I never knew just why that was, until now. This is how you kick off an anime, right from the get-go, all gun blazing or in Akame Ga Kill’s case – all blades bloodied."

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F-Inglese-941449d ago

I'm so damn excited for this! Eeeeeyyyeeeeeaaaaahhhh!!

futurefrog1449d ago

Akame Ga Mania runnin wild

Embolado1448d ago

I understood going into the show that it was going to be a mature show, just threw me for a loop when watching that it has more of a soft/muddled design that clashes with the dark scenes that are drawn more akin to what I was expecting.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1448d ago

half way thru the manga right now. This is gonna be so raw.