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Sword Art Online Returns With Gun Powder and Death Notes! [Episode Recap] | 8CN

8CN: “I will fear no evil,” were my first thoughts upon hearing that Sword Art Online was renewed for a second season. While I was okay with the first season, and found the recap movie to have a bit more focused, I just never got swept up into what was the big deal with the series. However, hearing that this new season is skipping many storylines to move onto the Phantom Arc of the original light novels (originally written by Reki Kawahara), which is said to be the best of the SAO arcs, and keeping the same director (Tomohiko Itō; Anohana, Fractale), composer (Yuki Kajiura; Fate/Zero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica), and animation studio (A-1 Pictures), it’s time to give Sword Art Online II a fair shot.

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