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Dragon Ball Z 2015 Movie - First Promo Image & Possible Name

Details have leaked from the new DBZ movie's official website such as the first promo image and possible tag line/name for the movie.

劇場版『ドラゴンボールZ』2015年GW公開決定!原作者で ある鳥山明が脚本を務める完全新作。全宇宙待望。神次元バトル、開 戦。
“Dragon Ball Z” 2015 GW public decision movie version! Completely new that Akira Toriyama is the original author will serve as the screenplay. The long-awaited entire universe. God dimension battle, war.

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GLG-Gaming1375d ago

I am looking very forward to the new movie. I love the direction they are taking DBZ. I am glad they did not try and make DBGT canon. They screwed too many things up with that.

TXIDarkAvenger1375d ago

Battle of Gods was pretty awesome so a new movie by Akira Toriyama? Yes please.

ZetsubouJ1374d ago

*sigh* I hope it's better than Battle of Gods...

Canary1374d ago


I hope someday you grow up and learn that Battle of the Gods was truer to the manga than the anime adaptation.

Like it or not, Dragonball is a gag manga.

ZerobyZero1374d ago

Dragonball movies are always awesome (except the live action movie).

Heavenly King1374d ago

Battle of the Gods sucked, so hopefully this will end up being good.

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