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Akame ga Kill: Episode 3 — Twin-Tailed Tsunderes Suck

Mr. Flaw rips into the latest installment of the anime community's newly hyped show.

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Flawfinder1368d ago

God, the animation in this show is so bad.

OmegaShen1368d ago

No where near as bad as the show your avatar is from.

Flawfinder1367d ago

Daria was actually made in the 90s though. What's this show's excuse for looking like that?

OmegaShen1367d ago

Don't know what you are talking about troll, are you watching on a SD tv or something.

koga881367d ago

I have to agree. I'm not sure what ended up getting lost in translation between the manga and the anime but the character designs and the look of the anime characters took a major drop in quality.

I do wonder how people will end up reacting to certain events that take place in the future and how the studio will handle the scenes.

zeroskie1367d ago

I have to agree with you. There's a major drop in quality from the source. Also, the animation IS subpar.

MEsoJD1367d ago

I'm ok with the animation, but the characters are generic anime archtypes so far. So far, it's history's greatest disciple with killing. Though I'm not to the point of dropping just yet since people keep saying it gets better.

TXIDarkAvenger1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

The MC is pretty dope, he doesn't hesitate to kill unlike a lot of other MCs.

Thunder_God1367d ago

It pains me when people speak of this as a good thing :-/

"The MC is a psychopath, he's so cool for lacking what makes people actually relatable!"

TXIDarkAvenger1367d ago (Edited 1367d ago )

Not really in that sense but because unlike most other MCs, he isn't hesitate to kill which makes him different from what we always see. Its a nice change of pace.

This anime also made a valid point. Killing is murder no matter what, whether its for good or bad reasons. Every other anime tries to justify killing someone.

Ragnaarock1367d ago

More like
"In a life or death situation the MC chooses to kill the enemy instead of trying to work things out and become friends."

MEsoJD1367d ago

He's not very interesting.