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The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies Poster Seems…Familiar

Kane Bugeja of SnapThirty writes:

In preparation for San Diego Comic-Con, a new poster was released showcasing the final instalment in the Hobbit trilogy. Now I’m not here to start a Battle of Five Armies, but there’s certainly no denying that said poster bears an uncanny resemblance to an image anime fans know all too well. Just in case you couldn’t pick it, this tweet by Brian Ruh puts the posters in question side by side. So, what do you think? Is this just a coincidence? Or perhaps anime inspires the West more than people think. Either way one thing is clear: Omni-Directional Mobility Gear is way cooler than a bow and arrow.

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Thunder_God1397d ago

Looks more like one of the old D&D image covers, like this one. Not everything is anime-related. Get over it.

F-Inglese-941395d ago

I get what Thunder_God is saying but to imply that the image DOESN'T look like AoT, well...c'mon. It really does.

dota2champion1396d ago (Edited 1396d ago )

Attack on Smaug