Dragon Ball Z 2015 Movie Extended Teaser (English Sub)

45 second teaser for the movie with subs in English.

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tayz1428d ago

Very excited for this movie!

cemelc1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

I would really love to see Vegita as lead with SS3 and god mode for him, dragon ball is 10x better when goku and him are at each other troats.

The moment goku created a gap in power, was the moment the show went downhill.

DarkBlood1426d ago

One wish? Don't they have twowishes by the end of buu
t saga

UltraNova1426d ago


Who said this movie's setting is after the buu saga? It might be set in previous ones, like the Cell saga...

mp12891426d ago

@Darkblood, i hope toriyama didnt forget something again

DarkBlood1425d ago

Ultranova it's set after the latest new movie which is after the buu saga there's no going back to an old saga since that wouldn't move anything forward canon wise

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ironfist921426d ago

Wow, that was an awesome trailer.

Hoping Broly is revived, dude is a tank.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1426d ago

hopefully either the first SS or previous SSG. i rlly dont want to see Broly again.

Gezmoyassine1426d ago (Edited 1426d ago )

Will it be Cell or Evil Kid buu?I can't picture Freeza for some reason."The worst wish in history" i wonder who could it be.Did i miss someone other than the two i mentioned?It just came to me,it could be a villain from previous movies.

DarkBlood1425d ago

Cant be those two as they wouldn't know anything about the universe which is the sole reason for reviving someone.

friezia is possible but we are talking about someone that's a threat still not someone that can be killed so easily :p

so most likely someone we havent seen