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My ‘Top’ 7 Worst Romances In Anime.

Why do we like romance? Is it the fantasy of it all? The few minutes of living an affair that’s unthinkable in your day to day life? The sex-filled escapades or the adorable memories of first love? Maybe it’s the relatable characters, or the unrealistic but desirable love interest?

No matter where you go: Anime, movies, TV series, music, books and even games, romance and especially sex is always present, be it with vampires, the undead or some cliché highschool fanfic of your favourite band starring you.

It’s fantasy, and in fantasy everything should be allowed, morally correct or not. And so, here I have a list of the ‘top’ 7 worst, unhealthy and toxic romances in anime that I have seen. Got that? Good. Here goes.

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Thunder_God1356d ago

Errr, many of these aren't "romance anime", but anime in which you hate the romantic aspect. Mirai Nikki, for instance, is anime with romance in it, but it's not "romance anime"...

Alixithymia1356d ago (Edited 1356d ago )

I know and I adressed this in my post. Maybe I should have called it 'Worst Romances In Anime' rather than 'Worst Romance Anime', I thought it was obvious enough. Sorry for that I guess.

andrewer1354d ago (Edited 1354d ago )

School Days Spoiler Alert would be nice (pic). I watched School Days, hated it, but still, spoiler is spoiler. Actually I kinda liked the end. Well whatever xD