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Shingeki No Kyojin Season 2 Confirmed.

It has been confirmed at Animagic 2014 (Just the biggest anime convention in Germany) that Attack On Titan Season 2 is in pre-production.

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koga881419d ago

Wasn't this confirmed almost immediately after the first season finished airing? Could swear there was an official announcement made back then.

NovusTerminus1418d ago

It was, however people started doubting it when they skipped this year, my guess is to let the manga get ahead further for no filler.

Glad it is getting one though, just because the next section they will cover has been my favorite mission they did.

imXify1418d ago

This article says they are still in pre-production. If true, they haven't made much progress or they started not long ago.

DEATHxTHExKIDx1418d ago

If there in pre-production we should get it next year.

EL Lanf1418d ago

It was never really a matter of if, just when. The first series covered 33 chapters. There's currently 59 out excluding the spin-offs. It makes sense for one to come soon and for it to have not been yet.

Kennytaur1418d ago

Good news! I found myself enjoying the first series more than I expected.

Thunder_God1418d ago

I hope they wait for slightly more content, so there'll be less "filler" than in the first season, filler here being content that should fit one episode being stretched into 4, or half an episode being speed-lines as people shout a 2 minutes-long discussion.

The first season would've been so much better if they cut 5-8 episodes from it.

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